About the service

We’ve discovered that not every nonprofit is ready to join a cooperative, but many nonprofits are looking for ways to optimize their work or transition to remote work. To help meet that need, we offer customized project services to nonprofits and artists.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Operational set-up for start-ups
  • Accounting software conversion or financial clean-up
  • Coaching on nonprofit financial maintenance or compliance
  • Payroll system transition
  • Budget template automation
  • Security best practices
  • Business/technology systems analysis and automation
  • And more…

General criteria for projects

Because our primary mandate is to serve the members of our cooperative, our work on special projects is limited to projects that meet a few basic criteria.

  1. We have the skills, capacity, and tools to complete the project OR completing the project has long-term value to the broader ArtsPool community (i.e., it’s an investment in our skills, capacity, or tools).
  2. The project and client align with our values and diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
  3. The client is a nonprofit or, if not a nonprofit, the client has a mission that is aligned with ArtsPool’s mission and values. Priority for special projects will be given to current members of the cooperative.
  4. The project can be completed remotely if the organization is not in NYC.


A member of ArtsPool’s staff will schedule a discovery call with you to get more information on your specific needs, timeline, and budget for the project. Based on this information we will develop a proposal for you and your organization to review. At the conclusion of the project, we will present a list of recommended policies, tools, procedures, and transition to remote work practices. We can meet remotely or in person with management and/or board to discuss the recommendations. We can also help implement any changes that you would like to adopt at your organization.


Please complete our contact form and someone will reach out to you to coordinate a discovery call with the stakeholders from your organization. Note: We are only taking on a limited number of Project Services clients at this time.


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