Core services


  • Maintain chart of accounts
  • Manage Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Make payments and record deposits
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Maintain balance sheet & line item schedules
  • Record credit card charges and reconcile statements
  • Record and reconcile payment processor transactions
  • Compare ongoing actual expense/revenue to budget
  • Allocate revenue and expense to programs
  • Develop and maintain operating budget, program budgets, and grant budgets
  • Develop and maintain capital budget
  • Conduct ongoing transaction review and provide budget updates for staff
  • W9 collection, contractor payments, and 1099 processing
  • Provide quarterly reports for board of directors
  • Provide annual financial report for funders and others
  • Prepare materials and provide support for annual audit and tax filings
  • Record sales tax and submit filings

Workforce Administration

  • Process payroll, including tax filings and reports
  • Complete new hire reporting
  • Complete and maintain worker documentation (W4, I9, W9, etc.)
  • Coordinate unemployment Insurance
  • Coordinate workers’ compensation insurance
  • Coordinate disability insurance
  • Complete New York State wage reporting
  • Complete annual earnings reporting for employees
  • Support hiring and termination processes, including COBRA coordination
  • Support compensation review and approval
  • Facilitate time tracking (including hourly work and paid time off)
  • Support employee benefits administration
  • Pooled Employer Plan for employee retirement benefits

Other services

  • Password management support and data security guides
  • Corporate policy templates
  • Support for corporate registrations, filings, and insurance audits/renewals
  • ArtsPool Cabana, a community on Slack for arts administrators
  • Digital signature processing
  • Support for process automation (e.g contract automation)
  • Platform for digital records retention

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How it works


Your administrative partner

One of the most important things to know about working with ArtsPool is that you’re now part of a team. Each member’s ArtsPool service team is made up of four roles: Financial Operations, Financial Maintenance, Workforce Administration, and Member Liaison. Our internal structure is specifically designed to remove hierarchy from our day-to-day work, allowing your organization’s work to be completed cooperatively, with each team member providing support to you. Learn more…


Smart technology

ArtsPool uses a variety of online systems that allow us to efficiently work with our cooperative’s busy nonprofit members, who may not always be in the same office, borough, city, state, or country as us (though hopefully you’re on the same planet). Our web-based technology and automated processes streamline your work and provide you with a robust picture of your finances, open tasks, and compliance status.


Always improving

As a member-led cooperative, we hold ourselves highly accountable to living and practicing the concept of change from which we began. From continuously gathering feedback from all stakeholders to conducting yearly retrospectives with our members, we’re always improving the ways we do our work.

Not quite ready to become a member?

We are currently piloting a new project service for NYC arts organizations and artists that are looking for ways to optimize their work.

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