Our Services


  • Maintain Chart of Accounts
  • Manage Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Make Payments and Record Deposits
  • Reconcile Bank Statements
  • Maintain Balance Sheet & Line Item Schedules
  • Record Credit Card Charges and Reconcile Statements
  • Reconcile Payment Processor Transactions
  • Monitor Ongoing Transaction and Compare to Budget
  • Allocate Income and Expense to Programs
  • Maintain Operating Budget including Program and Grant Budgets
  • Maintain Capital Budget
  • Conduct ongoing Transaction Review and provide Budget Updates for Staff
  • Provide Quarterly Reports for Board of Directors
  • Provide Annual Financial Report for Funders and Others
  • Prepare Materials and Provide Support for Annual Independent Audit and Tax Filing


Workforce Administration

  • Process Payroll, including Tax Filings and Reports
  • Complete New Hire Reporting
  • Complete and Maintain Worker Documentation (W4, I9, W9, etc.)
  • Coordinate Unemployment Insurance
  • Coordinate Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Coordinate Disability Insurance
  • Complete New York State Wage Reporting
  • Complete Earnings Reporting (issue W2, 1099)
  • Support Hiring and Termination Processes, including COBRA coordination
  • Provide Template Employee Handbook
  • Support Compensation Review and Approval
  • Facilitate Time Tracking (including hourly work and paid time off)
  • Support Employee Benefits Administration


  • Manage Compliance Tasks through ArtsPool’s “Compliance Toolkit”
  • Complete New York State Charities Bureau Filing
  • Maintain Corporate Policies (Conflict of Interest, Records Retention, etc.)
  • Maintain Employment Policies (Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, etc.)
  • Complete Cultural Data Project Annual Filing
  • Complete New York State Grants Gateway Pre-qualification and Maintenance
  • Complete Better Business Bureau and Guidestar Profiles and Maintenance
  • Provide Platform for Digital Records Retention (limited service during pilot)

How it works


Your administrative concierge

You will no longer waste valuable time, money, and headspace trying to keep up with best practices, changing technologies, and regulatory requirements.


Smart technology

ArtsPool’s web-based technology streamlines the work and provides you with a picture of your finances, active projects, task reminders, and compliance status, allowing you to take action on the fly, even when on the go.


Always improving

A member-driven governance process allows ArtsPool to continually adapt to member needs.