Policy Templates

One of the best ways to face a crisis or other uncertainty with confidence is by having a plan in place. At ArtsPool, we’re committed to assisting the nonprofit community with our entire library of policy and plan templates, free of charge, so that you can focus on your mission and staff during an emergency. For those in New York State, these policies are also helpful in staying prequalified for Grants Gateway and NYSCA.

Available as one convenient download or as Google Docs templates, you will find the following policies:

  • Emergency Preparedness Policy
  • Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Fiscal Controls Policy
  • Security Policy
  • Management Succession Policy
  • And many more…


Please note that any samples that we provide may not address the specifics of your organization. Please seek legal advice when completing any policies for your organization.

Compliance Toolkit

The ArtsPool Compliance Toolkit is a free web-based tool to help nonprofit companies make sense of the red tape jungle of regulatory compliance. The Toolkit’s rule-based system compares an organization’s corporate and fiscal year data with heaps of regulatory requirements and generates a customized task list, so compliance tasks can be addressed without spending hours wading through confusing information. The Toolkit allows organizations to get answers to such questions as whether they need an audit or an accountant’s review, what regulations they must comply with if they have employees, which policies are required for government funders, and many others.