In the spirit of continuing a loving and transparent dialogue toward equity in our work and beyond, we commit to the following as our first steps toward a much longer road of action:
  • Start from a place of listening. We will listen to the anger and pain of Black people caused by white supremacy and the systemic racism it perpetuates.
  • Stand with our Black membership and Black staff members. We are here to support you through our work, and in accountability practices that we will continue to develop.
  • Move with intentionality, care, and measured action. We invite our membership to share their actions and join us in collective organizing.
  • Support the pool in caring for yourselves and your communities, whether that be in protest, organizational policy change, or taking time alone to rest and rejuvenate. We understand that this moment exists in a long continuum of liberation struggles.
Above all, ArtsPool remains committed to taking action and increasing our accountability toward anti-racist work within our organization and community. There is deep work to do to transform our arts institutions so that they no longer uphold white supremacy and we renew our commitment to working towards this change in the time ahead.