ArtsPool values equity.
We work to dismantle the systemic, structural inequities in our world and in the context of arts administration.

ArtsPool values diversification.
We seek out a broad spectrum of identities, ideas, experiences, tools, and systems to improve our work and our understanding.

ArtsPool values sustainability.
We create and improve our systems to support long-term health of our people and our organization.

ArtsPool values happiness.
We work to create and maintain a working culture for staff and members that encourages joy, even amongst mundane details.

ArtsPool values boldness.
We take risks, accept challenges, and envision big ideas while following through on details.

ArtsPool values flexibility.
We are responsive to our members, our staff, and our environment.

ArtsPool values personal responsibility to the group.
We communicate and help each other, and always remember that we are a team.

ArtsPool values proactive, designed, lived change.
We hold ourselves highly accountable to living and practicing the concept of change from which we began.