The next step in the process of exploring ArtsPool membership is a submission of some key pieces of financial and organizational information, which are detailed below and will allow ArtsPool to get to know more about your company.

Please share the following items with David Sheingold ( via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever other file sharing system you prefer.

1. Copy or Read-Only Login of Books
  • If you’re providing a copy from a Windows version of QuickBooks, please export the file for Mac by selecting Utilities from the File menu and selecting Copy Company File for QuickBooks for Mac. Please be sure to share the username and password info.
  • If you use Quickbooks Online, Xero, or another online bookkeeping system, we prefer that you create a read-only login for us using the email address Read-only access is the reports only access option in Quickbooks Online.
2. Budgets
  • Operating budget for prior, current, and next fiscal year (if you have next year’s in place)
  • Two or three recent grant budgets that express a range of grant types, i.e. government, foundation, corporate
  • Other relevant budgets if you have other types of discrete budgets such as program, department, capital, etc. that are not captured in the above budgets
3. Financial Statements
  • Your most recently completed audit or accountant’s review (if applicable), including management letter and response
  • Your most recently filed IRS Form 990
4. Corporate Documents
  • Your IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter

David will follow up with you to confirm receipt of your materials, but please reach out to him if you have any questions along the way. Many thanks for your interest in ArtsPool membership!